Chelsea Handler, Who Didn’t Move To Canada, Doesn’t Like Melania Trump Or Her English

Chelsea Handler with some unfiltered takes toward Donald and Melania Trump.

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Chelsea Handler, along with plenty of other celebrities, said she would move to Canada if Donald Trump won the election. Well, it looks like she didn’t fulfill that action and it’s definitely clear she’s still really pissed about Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.

She seems to have switched her target point as to who to make fun of and hate on — that’s exactly what she’s doing here by the way — by making fun of Melania Trump’s accent and ability to speak English.

It seems like she was thrilled to do that interview and that she’s gotten over the fact that Trump is now President, wouldn’t you say?

Melania supposedly speaks five languages and is an immigrant from Yugoslavia, but since she’s the First Lady it’s cool for a celebrity to bash her ability to speak English? Handler can get away with making a joke about Melania’s speech, but if she made fun of a random person’s speech like she did in this interview to a person in her audience she’d get shunned. Or say myself, a regular dude, made fun of a person’s ability to speak say, in the office, that would be a huge deal.

Just kind of thinking out loud here on that whole idea of bashing people’s ability to not speak their native language.

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