Before The Season Started More People Bet On The Browns To Win The Super Bowl Than The Falcons


More human beings bet on a team led by no-knee Robert Griffin III surrounded by minimal talent to win the Super Bowl than a team led by Matt Ryan and freak-of-nature Julio Jones. Yep.

Here’s the good stuff from ESPN:

In the offseason, there was so little betting interest in the Atlanta Falcons that some Las Vegas sportsbooks lengthened their Super Bowl odds from 40–1 to 100–1 in an attempt to drum up some action.

It didn’t help.

When the NFL season kicked off in September, sportsbook operator CG Technology had taken more bets on the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl than it had on the Falcons.

I’m bringing this story up for two reasons.

Reason №1: It’s absurd to me more people bet on the Browns. I get the fact their odds were bad and hey maybe you could get lucky and win some pretty big coin, but holy hell.

Reason №2: I want to hear from someone that put actual money on the Browns to win the Super Bowl this year. So with that, share and recommend this story and let’s try to find that one dude, or multiple dudes, that now have to tell people they lost money because they bet on the Cleveland Browns to WIN THE SUPER BOWL.

In case you missed it, the Falcons will play in the Super Bowl in two weeks and the Browns finished the year 1–15.

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